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So I'm working on getting a new blog set up, but before I do I want to direct allAustinite's to a friend of mine who is having a GREAT deal on a photo session... a link HERE details everything, but he is an AMAZING photographer who does a great job capturing people's emotion and not just doing the boring "stand here-put arm here-look at camera-SMILE!" pictures (although I'm sure he could do that, if that's what you wanted!).

Anyways, his website is here so check it out. Tell him I sent you :)

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I'm thinking about leaving LJ. It has served me well for 6 years (holy batman, 6 years I've been on LJ!) but I'm looking to refocus my online presence (really focus on finances, family, cooking and spirituality) and I think creating a new avenue for that will help me focus. I really like the features that wordpress supplies, and it comes highly recommended from several people.

I haven't decided yet - I have a *LOT* of memories here and it would be silly for me to just up and leave. But I want something that is more accessible to people outside of livejournal, and something that gives me more... more web2.0, I guess, which is a silly way of saying it but a fairly accurate one.

So I guess I'm wanting opinions - does anyone utilize google reader or something so they can keep up with me? I plan on moving my livejournal friends over there so I can keep up, but I don't want to just leave. I mean, I have a bit of emotional attachment to livejournal but it just hasn't been convenient for me to stay updated. I could set it up to double post to whatever new blog and this blog, if that was something people were interested in.

Also, kiwiria if you still have that information on exporting LJ that you found before, if you could hook me up with that... thanks :)

My last few hours in pictures & video

Me, after buying a brand new necklace! Seahorse, for only 8 dollars at Schlitterbahn Christmas. SOOO cute! Wearing contacts, so I look a little different...!

Schlitterbahn Christmas. Amazing experience, I love that place so much! Lots of lights and music and excitement (as seen in videos below)

My new pirate charm!!! Took FOREVER to get it on my bracelet, but it's finally here! Also pictured are the Episcopal shield and a heart with a "J" in it.



I made my first Thanksgiving dinner, the house did NOT blow up like feared, AND everything tasted great! I made stuffing, gingered cranberries, turkey and green bean casserole. Jake made sweet potatoes and Cory made broccoli cheese casserole. And as a surprise, my parents drove up for dinner!!!!!!!! It was very very awesome.

Here are the pictures I took :)

The table set up with all our food :)

My turkey!! Took a few hours and was DELICIOUS!

My plate!

The only leftovers we have now are turkey, gravy and cranberries. I liked the cranberries, but they gave Justin a headache. Craziness.

I went to Target today to drop Justin off and got a 50 dollar drill for 26 dollars. Go me! Also got Juno for some ridiculously low price - I think 7 dollars? So that was the extent of my Black Friday adventures. Now I'm going to go make some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well. I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in my life, so say a prayer! The boys will all be helping and pitching in, but it's still going to be mainly up to me to make it all work. I'm really hoping I don't mess it up!!

The house is great but it's been a pain trying to get everything unpacked. I forgot to mention before, but we got a washer and dryer! Jake's girlfriend happened to be selling hers on Ebay for 300. She said she'd be willing to take payments, so we're sending her 100 from each check. It's weird that I'm actually happy about being able to do laundry, but it makes a big difference when it's at your house and not down the street. It's still one of my least favorite chores though!

Got the mustang to the garage, we're probably going to start disassembling it soon. Still have several boxes to unpack, but I've gotten a lot more done than the boys expected. My goal is to finish up this weekend and decorate for Christmas. The sucess depends on many things, the least of which are the ability to get out of bed at a reasonable time and whether or not I'm going to Schlitterbahn for their Christmas celebration with Teresa or not.

These are the plans for Thanksgiving dinner: The Domino "One-Pan Thanksgiving" which is not one pan after I'm done with it, of course. It included gingered cranberries, chestnut and prosciutto stuffing, maple butter butternut squash, gravy and yummy turkey. I'm skipping their salad in favor of adding green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and broccoli cheese casserole. Yes, three casseroles. I love the green bean, Jake requested the sweet potato, and Cory is making the broccoli cheese. No desserts because Justin said I didn't need any (which I don't) although I might whip up some sugar free jello. We should have leftovers for like, a MONTH. Or maybe a week, if I'm lucky. The boys all eat a LOT.

Anyways, I'll try to post some pictures if I get the chance. Hope you all have a great holiday!