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the recent life of me

my musings on life, the universe, and everything

19 September
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It’s when you’re alone at night, when it’s just you and the walls. When darkness keeps you company. When you settle down at whatever time it may be, when you stare up at your ceiling, when the silence is the loudest thing you hear. It’s when you are forced to look at yourself, when you are forced to see the deepest part of you. That’s when you know, you really know, if you’re happy or not. That’s when you know if your inner peace is really peaceful, or if yours is a turbulent storm. Always searching, and never quite finding what it is you’re looking for.

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Cast list (to be regularly updated)
Me - Jennet, your average non-average 20something.

Justin - Love of my life. Husband.
Jake - melviepoo. My little brother, the apple of my eye. Resides currently with my parents.
Alan - My oldest brother, married to my sister-in-law Mandy. Father of Ethan.
Mandy - mandy3t. My sister in law. Married to Alan. Mother of Ethan.
Jean - Sister who lives in California. Married to Josh, has a baby girl named Abi and pregnant with another one on the way.
Ethan - The other apple of my eye. About a year and a half now :)

Teresa - Cousin and best friend. Married to Tim, mother of Mandy.
Tim - Married to my cousin Teresa. Father of Mandy.
Mandy - Daughter of Tim and Teresa. Apple of my eye.

Charla, Dana, Billy, Matt, Hunter - Friends that live in Houston.
Kelly - Friend in Austin.
Amy - skagurl. Best friend. Lives in California.
Marcus - _53. One of my best online friends.
Maria - kiwiria. One of my best online friends.

Note: I left out a bunch of people that don't get mentioned a lot. And the self-explanatory ones like Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa. If I've forgotten you, leave me a note and I'll fix it!